We are all Barabbas!

By: Pastor Ramon Diaz


Ramon Diaz

9/3/20231 min read

Pastor Nick Paccacio delivers a powerful sermon highlighting the striking resemblance between each one of us and the biblical figure, Barabbas. With utmost clarity, he emphasizes that we all bear the weight of our sins and stand guilty before God. However, Pastor Nick's message takes an inspiring turn as he delves into the profound truth that Jesus, in His infinite mercy and love, stepped in to save us from the condemnation we deserved, just as He did for Barabbas. This poignant reminder of God's redemptive grace resonates deeply within our hearts, reminding us of the incredible gift of salvation made available to all who believe. Pastor Nick's sermon serves as a powerful call to reflection and gratitude, urging us to embrace the transformative power of Christ's sacrifice in our lives.