Revelation: Chapters 21 and 22 (Bible Study)

By: Pastor Nick Pacaccio


Ramon Diaz

8/9/20231 min read

Welcome, brothers and sisters in Christ, to this week's Bible study on the 21st and 22nd chapters of the book of Revelation. In this series, Pastor Nick Pacaccio will be reviewing and explaining each chapter of this powerful book. The aim is to help us better understand what Jesus was trying to teach the early Christians, and what He is trying to teach us today. In this study, we will dive into the last two chapters of the book of Revelation. Pastor Nick will provide insightful commentary, practical application, and relevant examples to help us fully grasp the message of this chapter. If you missed any earlier chapters, don't worry - you can catch up by visiting the "message" section of our website. Let us approach this study with open hearts and minds, ready to receive what the Holy Spirit has in store for us. Our faith-walk with the Lord Jesus Christ will be strengthened and our understanding of the Bible deepened as we delve into this chapter.