Jude's Exhortations to the Church

By: Pastor Ramon Diaz


Ramon Diaz

8/26/20231 min read

Pastor Ramon delivers a powerful sermon on Jude's exhortation to the church. With great clarity and depth, he dissects this Scripture, elucidating its relevance to our lives as modern-day Christians in the 21st century. In his sermon, Pastor Ramon highlights the timeless wisdom embedded in Jude's words, emphasizing the importance of standing firm in our faith amidst the challenges and temptations of our present age. By drawing parallels between the struggles faced by the early church and those encountered by believers today, he imparts a profound understanding of how the teachings of Jude can guide and inspire us in our daily walk with Christ. Pastor Ramon's message serves as a timely reminder to remain steadfast, committed, and unwavering in our devotion to God, even in an ever-changing and increasingly secular world.