Explore the concept of God's divine decrees!

By: Pastor Nick Pacaccio


Ramon Diaz

5/12/20241 min read

Have you ever felt lost in the current of life, wondering if there's a greater purpose guiding you? In this thought-provoking message, Pastor Nick dives into the depths of God's sovereignty, exploring the concept of His predetermined plan for humanity, His cherished creation. But a nagging question arises: if God has a plan, do we truly have free will? How do our choices intertwine with the grand tapestry He weaves? Join Pastor Nick as he unpacks these profound questions, venturing beyond a simple binary of control versus free will. He'll unveil how God's plan isn't a rigid script, but a symphony where He masterfully composes with the music of our choices, leading us towards a life brimming with hope and overflowing with purpose.