A Moral Framework!

By: Pastor Ramon Diaz


Ramon Diaz

4/19/20241 min read

This week marks an exciting opportunity for spiritual growth as Pastor Ramon guides us through John chapter 5. This profound passage isn't just a historical account; it's a wellspring of timeless wisdom from Jesus Himself, offering practical guidance on living a moral life and achieving salvation. Through Pastor Ramon's insightful message, we'll delve deeper into what it truly means to be a believer. We'll explore not just faith, but also the actions that naturally flow from a transformed heart. Together, we'll unpack Jesus' teachings and discover how to integrate God's moral framework into the very fabric of our daily lives. Prepare to be challenged, encouraged, and equipped as we explore the power of God's Word. As we open ourselves to its message, we can anticipate a transformative impact, drawing us closer to God and empowering us to live with greater purpose and compassion.